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In 1998, we made the first exposure unit for dry offset photopolymer printing plates. In due course we also manufactured a washout unit, drier unit, plate punch, plate bender etc. In 1983, we introduced photopolymer plate making equipment for solid polymer printing plates for flexographic printing.

The experience of solid polymer plate processing and equipment manufacturing now we applied in development and manufacturing of high quality equipment for processing of liquid polymer. Applications in rubber stamps, flexo printing on craft paper, corrugated board, woven bags, paper bags, tissue paper etc. with water base or oil base ink.

1 Hour exposure unit is double walled sturdy cabinet type construction. Front electronic control panel is easily accessible and operatable even by unskilled person. Enamel painted rust preventive and powder coated body has attractive appearance. Pull type drawers are with German make drawer rails to provide smooth jerk free operation.

Extra accessories: plastic trays for washing, film developing etc, hot air blower etc.

Machine size : 50 cms x 38 cms (width)
Machine weight : 35 kgs
Exposure area : 25 cms x 35 cms Power : 270 watts

Design , Specification, Display etc. subject to change without notice.


On top of the unit, 4 adjustable rubber pegs makes easy leveling of exposure glass and avoids glass slipping while chase preparation. Use of exposure top ensures space saving in expansive business shop. High quality UV tubes provides uniform exposure. Digital timer ensures accurate exposures. UV tubes and insides of unit has easy access for tube, starters, etc cleaning or replacement without opening any screws or panels.


Standard supply: Unit with 230v, 50 c/s, 1 phase a.c. electricals, 9 UV tubes, starters, a pair of glass, a pair of clamps, wash brush, 3 pairs of thickness gauge bars, foam pad for film exposure, post exposure tray.