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A sharp, clear impression is just one reason our stamp is the rubber stamp people ask for by name. We have a wide range of selection, quality and service. The most popular are the Self-Inking rubber stamps. And now you have another exciting new excuse to trash your old fashioned stamps: good looking, great feeling and SuperGrip.

Our Products are available at all on most custom and stock models, marks a huge breakthrough for stamp dealers and customers alike. Our each order receiving the craftsman’s prompt and painstaking attention.

Nothing speaks louder to our customers than our quality designation. No one demands more from a stamp than the office or those Local state and government agencies. So it’s no wonder Nylon Computerised stamp, and Self Inking Stamps are the best.

Nylon Computerised stamp has the stamp you need and the quality you want to make it perfectly clear, every time. All Nylon Computerised stamps are precision-crafted from high impact polymers and incorporate a step cellular inking process to deliver years of trouble-free use.

Round Stamp

round stamp

Proprietor Stamp

proprietor stamp

Partner Stamp

partner stamp

Address Stamp

address stamp
nylon stamps


Because they’re Nylon Computerised stamp they eliminate the clutter and mess from old fashioned rubber stamps. A convenient spring-activated retractable stamping surface keeps your work clean. All Nylon Computerised stamps are extraordinary effi cent Each features an amazingly porous rubber printer that is capable of delivering crisp, clean impression.

Just one impression and you will appreciate it’s ergonomic design and sturdy duty construction. The stamp’s low center of gravity makes it well balanced and more comfortable to use. The enclosed case protects your fingers from contacting the date bands, and the extra large band adjustment wheels make changing your dates easy. Deep moulded type band style date bands provide clean, sharp stamp impressions.